Paulo Coelho

Taschen, Angelika & Cassidy, Shelley-Marree:
Great Escapes Europe

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ISBN: 978-3-8365-5559-3
Področje: Travel
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Založba: Taschen
Vezava: trda
Format: 23.8 x 30.2 cm
Obseg: 360 strani

This revised and updated edition brings you a discerning selection of the most unique hotels and guesthouses across Europe . Selected for their breathtaking locations, refined service, and beautiful design, each of these havens offers the surroundings of style and the serenity in which everyday life can melt away.

The book combines gorgeous color photographs with directions, pricing, and contact information . Since literature is a requisite part of any truly relaxing escape, we also include an inspiring reading list for each destination. From a lighthouse in Wales to the ultimate Grecian island getaway, discover hotels to enliven your senses, recharge your batteries, and refresh your perspective.

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